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Robert Reed, Inspired Communicator

Robert has always loved being part of a team and speaking in front of a crowd. From a young age Robert always wanted to be around people. The thought of working with people, speaking in front of people, acting on stage or simply being able to self expressed his self was invigorating. He felt alive.

An engaging presenter and passionate educator, Robert Reed has spent nearly a decade helping Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups alike navigate the ever-changing social media landscape by helping clients build agile social media platforms to drive client-focused results.

Robert has used his extensive experience in social media growth-tactics along with nearly two decades of marketing know-how to provide countless businesses exceptional social media strategies that they could immediately implement into their business and marketing systems to reach their business goals. 

Robert’s passion for helping his clients achieve-or exceed- their business goals is enhanced by his unique ability to provide clarity to audiences of all technical abilities through inspired (and sometimes humorous), easy to understand language that encourages them to implement his actionable processes that ultimately demonstrates significant tangible results. 

Whether it is to simply re-drive traffic to an established on-line presence, attract new members or even if businesses have never had a social media platform, Robert has consistently demonstrated that there is no business (too big or too small) that cannot benefit from leveraging the power of a robust social media presence.