Dispelling this Dangerous Myth of Success

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My main reason for blogging is to just be real. There is nothing I am writing about that I have not faced in one way, shape, or form. 

You know you are a business owner you have ever said to yourself, “IF I can just get this, then I will be successful.” Or, “If this happens, then I won’t worry anymore.” Well, I’m here to address the ugly elephant in the room.

This elephant, of course, represents all the myths we tell ourselves – and hear – about success. “You’ve just gotta hustle,” is one of them. “Grind it out,” is another. 

But the worst one of all, the one that actually makes my skin crawl, is the one that’s also very prevalent. It isthe trap of believingthat there is one magic key to success.

But I’ve got to set you straight on this. I called this a myth for a reason: it’s BS.The reality is that most business owners hold onto this belief in one way, shape or form. 

Tell me if any of the following complaints sound familiar: 

  • “My social media profiles are inactive. As soon as I learn how to use Facebook Ads Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube the right way, my sales are going to go wild.” 
  • “If this employee works out and just does his job, we’ll be golden.”
  • “Why did no one tell me about pay-per-click ads and retargeting until now? This is going to drive our awareness through the roof.” 
  • “If I just find the right CEO, everything else is going to fall into place.”

The strange thing is that these ideas aren’t necessarily wrong; they’re just partially informed. Each of the tactics mentioned above can be really helpful in improving your marketing and your sales. But there is not one marketing tactic you can enact that will single-handedly transform your business.There are, however, systems and processes that need to be put in place to ensure that all of these tactics are being measured and refined. There also is not one administrative, operational or financial secret you’re missing that is going to catapult your business to wild success. It just doesn’t work that way. 

Businesses are people.Your business needs to communicate like a person that others want to connect with; someone they can trust. It needs a mix of strategies and tactics (and types of people executing them) in order to thrive. It also needs change and evolution, as the marketing and business landscape ebbs and flows and spikes and dips in an unpredictable pattern every day. I mean, think about romantic relationships. Will your bond stay strong if all you do is missionary every day for 20 years, and nothing else? I’m going to go out on a limb and say a hard no. 

To keep up and excel in life and business, you’ve got to find balance in what you’re doing. You need the right mix of old, proven tactics and the willingness to try new, exciting ones. You need both online and offline marketing. And above all? You need strategy and consistency. 

The only magic secret to success is that there is not one. Once you abandon the search for it, you will start finding that you have a lot of options and power at your disposal to do big things. But it will require work, optimism, intentionality and even a little bit of adventure. Are you in?

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